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    block is an internationally acclaimed Minecraft studio and the only company in the world to provide all things Minecraft.



    Back in 2014 block (originally called goCreative Minecraft Services) was born as the brainchild of visionary entrepreneurs Brandon Relph and Florian Funke. With the goal of disrupting the playing field and creating a studio that not only provides a world class service but also actively builds on the Minecraft brand while extending others, block was built as the only company you need if you are working with Minecraft.


    Now, three years later, block is an important part of the multi-award winning agency goCreative Group and continues to follow their vision of sourcing the best talent on the planet and putting it in the best place to serve your needs. goCreative Group’s vast network of people and resources allow for a truly top notch service like no other.


    A core part of our beliefs is to begin the conversation as soon as possible. We welcome you, if you haven't already, to take a look at how we can work with you and leave us your details so we can give you a call.

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