July 17



Server Environment


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Live-streaming service Mobcrush’s InPvP asked us to design and build multiple gaming environments for gamemodes and content on their network, which is one of the first Official Minecraft Partner coming to the unified bedrock codebase.


In the past year, we have built a large collection of maps and graphical content for InPvP with some content already being online and others to follow in exciting new updates coming to the network. Building content for a network on the bedrock codebase for InPvP has a unique set of problems that we have to consider when creating. These maps have to be enjoyable not just on your mobile, but on your PC and on your console which brings a deeper design element into the production process.


biome valley


So far, the community response has been fantastic and we are excited to see in the 1.2 update InPvP get directly integrated into the game allowing a new range of player to enjoy the content we have created for them.


We are looking forward to forging the relationship with have with the team forward to create awesome new content.


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