November 16

wake up!


Open World Gaming Environment

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Promote ‘block’ and MCProHosting’s brand by creating a gaming environment and hosting it for anyone, for free.


We built a unique and deeply immersive open world adventure themed after a 1920’s New York Manhattan apocalypse during which all statues in the city come to life and hunt the player down.


After waking up from an apparent heart attack you find yourself on the floor on the top floor of a skyscraper. Soon after you realise that statues are alive. You are being told that your only escape is to fight the biggest statue in Manhattan; the Statue of Liberty. Your adventure starts now.


The map consisted of a playable experience that allowed the audience to enjoy themselves in an immersive environment. It contained a custom resource pack, a game’s within the game and voice acting.

the bee hive



5,134,582 blocks placed


This was placed on MCProHosting’s MCProGhosting Halloween celebrations, where the audience could receive a free server to play with their friends.

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